Cats and Dog Fouling in Your Garden

Cats and dogs fouling in your garden

If they are not your cats and dogs and you don’t have pets this can be rather annoying and unpleasant, especially if you are proud of your garden. There are a few options you can consider if this a problem for you.

You can place chicken wire on the soil of your flower beds this is a good deterrent as it is unpleasant for the animals to step on and they can’t dig easily. It is also not too costly but visually might not be to your taste. Although if it works and you see no mess for several weeks you can probably remove it and see if the animal has got the message.

A motion activated sprinkler works a treat as it will keep you garden watered and when something comes stalking in for the loo they will have quite the surprise which should keep them away. However this is a costly option.

You can also try get of my garden granules – this handy and harmless gel can be scattered on the areas that are being frequented to help keep visitors away. It’s not overly costly but may need repeated for a while so just one purchase may not do the trick.

Get Cat off Garden Grass

All these solutions do have draw backs and are not guaranteed but they will help. If a dog is your problem, try keep you garden closed in with a fence and gate where possible as dogs are easily kept out this way.

If cats are your concern the above solutions work well to keep them away!

Best of luck!! Just remember it’s not the animals fault, they don’t know it’s not ok, it’s up to us and the owners to teach them the rules of etiquette in our world.

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