Treating Dogs for Fleas.

My Dog has Fleas!

‘’My dog has Fleas!’’ This can be a problem for many dog owners, and routine flea treatment is important, however does your dog actually have fleas?

Many people assume that because their dog is scratching they must have fleas when it is not always the case. Look closely at your dog’s coat, part the hair and check the skin, can you see black dots within in the coat or close to the skin? If you can then they likely have fleas as this black debris is referred to as ‘flea dirt’ as seen in the image. If you can confirm your dog has fleas just treating them with a flea treatment may not be enough. If they have access to various rooms in the house, furniture, soft furnishings and their own bed this all may be contaminated which if not caught can create a vicious cycle. Be sure to treat your dog and your house and furnishings if fleas are confirmed.

Treatments are widely available and very easy to use, you can buy them online or instore. Spot on treatments for dog’s is the most straight forward, and must be repeated monthly, but collars, shampoos and sprays are also available. Flea bombs and sprays are available for household use. You can find a full range of flea treatments and preventatives here

Routine treatment is recommended especially during the warmer months when fleas are at their worst so as to avoid a problem, once you avoid fleas from the offset you can save yourself a lot of trouble and money on the treatments needed to eradicate these little pests.

If your dog is scratching excessively and there is no indication of fleas you can still treat them as a preventative, however, they may be scratching for several other reasons and this would be worth investigating if only for you dogs comfort, speak to you vet or local pet shop nutritionist for advice.


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