Help! My Dog is bored

My Dog is Bored!
Does your dog need more attention than you can give? Is he bored and becoming destructive?
We all lead busy lives and as much as we love and adore our pooches it can be hard to find the time they need every day.
It is important to walk your dog daily to keep him exercised and stimulated but what about the rest of the time when you are at work or you’re too tired to play?
Toys are great, though it’s no use just picking up anything, most dogs will get through anything you give them quickly and if the aim of the game is stimulation and boredom busting a bit more thought may need to go into what you select.
Luckily there are tons of options available.
Brain training games are excellent and really encourage your dog to think which can be as much exercise mentally as a walk, although these games do require your supervision and encouragement as they learn how to beat the game and get the treats inside. There is a huge selection here: Intelligence Dog Toys
Treat balls for putting some of their dry food in can make dinner last up to 4x as long. Like this Dog Treat Ball or the Kong Wobbler which is even more durable
Calcium bones stuffed with dog food and frozen are a great time killer and healthy Filled Dog Bones
Here are some more tough toys last a long time for dogs that love to play by themselves like:

These toys provide hours of fun just find what suits your dog. It is also advisable to supervise all play however once you have seen and observed how your dog behaves with his new toy use your best judgement as to whether or not your dog can play by himself with it.
Remember if you are using a boredom busting toy that involves food it does not need to be unhealthy or treat based, use your dog’s regular dry meal or a high quality wet food frozen inside this does the trick and can be repeated daily without ill effect and unnecessary weight gain.

Everything you need to care for your pet.

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