Dogs Chasing you When Cycling a Bike

Dog chasing me when cycling/running


This is a tricky one and can be a scary experience for runners and cyclists. It’s very dependent on the area you’re in and the animals you are dealing with here but there are a couple of things you can try that will hopefully make things a little easier.

There is a product called pet corrector, it is primarily used for barking dogs, but the idea behind is that it emits a short sharp sound and blast of air to break a behaviour by interrupting it. It comes in two sizes including a compact travel size with a belt attachment so could be easily worn while running or cycling. This may disrupt the dog enough to send him on his way. The belt attachment isn’t listed on our site but is available in store so feel free to contact us for more details.

A couple of other things to consider are the circumstances. If you are coming up behind a dog on walk with its owner make them aware of you by ring a bike bell or blowing a whistle, once they see you just give them a wave, most people will understand that you are simply alerting them to your presence and will reign their dog in while you pass.

If you are passing a house and the dogs are on the road or not secure the pet corrector can work well here, or in a pinch if you have a water bottle on you a quick spray to the face can deter them enough for you to get by.

When running if you can turn to face the dog a run backwards for a short distance this should prevent the dog from advancing much further, at least on a bike you can pedal a bit faster, running can be a little close for comfort sometimes.

In some cases the dog may be very friendly and simply just doesn’t know you and its protecting its area, you may be able to slow down to a walk or walk past off the bike, maybe even have a treat to hand and make a friend on your route, if it is regular route for you they will learn very quickly who you are and that you come baring gifts.

Always exercise caution and try to gauge the best course for the situation. Be careful and be safe.

Best of luck!



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