My Bunny is Bored

Rabbits are small mammals in the family Leporidae of the order Lagomorph. Some people think of rabbits as rodents since they are small and furry, but they are a completely different species and as such have different needs as pets. It is very important to understand these animals needs to provide them with the correct and enriching environment to avoid boredom.

Firstly, do you have one, two or more rabbits? One rabbit will not thrive and will become very bored and depressed by itself, no person can provide the company a rabbit needs from its colony so at least two rabbits is the first port of call to alleviate boredom.

Next you need to look at your housing, is it large enough? do the rabbits have various levels, indoor and outdoor access, sleeping areas and separate play, eating and toilet areas? These are important factors for the rabbit’s daily activities and if these needs are met then you will have much more content rabbits.

Mental stimulation is a big one. What do your rabbits have to do all day? Rabbits naturally forage throughout the day they will also rest and groom one another. Giving your rabbit things to keep them busy will create a much more content pet. Hidden food, veg, and treats will encourage foraging and instead of feeding them all their food from a bowl place it in various containers that will create a little more of a challenge. You can find rabbits toys and games here 

These steps plus your own love and attention will provide your pet with and enriching environment so that you can avoid a bored bunny.

There are some great products available that can help you to provide your rabbits with some entertainment while your away. Visit and browse the rabbit section, for some fantastic toys, brain training games and more!

Everything you need to care for your pet.

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