Come and visit our Retail Shop now!We value you as a customer and really appreciate the business.


  • Only 25 minutes drive from Dublin City Centre.
  • Only 15 minutes drive from Bray
  • Only 15 minutes drive from Wicklow

You won’t be disappointed.

** We have a retail shop with over 8,000 pet products. ** The friendliest staff you have met in a long time. ** Staff who actually know what they are talking about. ** When we get a chance, we will even make you a cup of tea, if you fancy.

Stopping for a chat!

** We have an extra large fish house with a dedicated fishkeeper. ** We welcome you to bring your pet – whether it be a dog or a rabbit (as long you clean up after it). ** We also have discounts available in our shop that you won’t ever see on our website!

Newtown Mount Kennedy Shop:

Drogheda Shop:

Dundalk Shop: