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Species of pet birds are as varied as the kinds of seeds they eat, and Pet-Bliss stock a wide variety of bird food for online customers. The budgerigar seed mix is available in a range of package sizes up to 12.75kg and 20kg and is made from a combination of canary seed with a blend of white, red and Panicum millet seed. Our aviary mix is an excellent all-round feed for finches, canaries, British birds and budgies that includes canary seed, white millet, black rapeseed, linseed and hempseed. Striped sunflower seeds are very nutritious for birds. They contain proteins, carbohydrates and fat and are not only full of goodness but birds love the taste too. Niger bird seed is a small seed with high nutrient value and a favourable amino-acid pattern. It’s the seed used by breeders of canaries and British birds to help with egg binding. If your pet bird is a foreign finch it will be happy with canary seed; a good all-round classic canary blend being made up of 60% canary seed, red rapeseed, linseed, hempseed, Niger and yellow biscuit. For slightly larger birds like parakeets, cockatiels and rosellas, our mix of canary seed, sunflower, safflower seed, white and red millet, hempseed, groats, buckwheat, milo, paddy rice and peanuts are recommended. Parrots, from macaws to Amazons and African Greys enjoy striped and white sunflower seed, safflower seed, groundnut kernels, monkey nuts, whole maize, naked oats, pine nuts, chillies and yellow biscuit. The ingredients of Johnston & Jeff Premium parrot foods for African Greys, Amazons and cockatoos include sunflower, safflower, paddy rice, red Dari, White Dari, pine nuts, pineapple and more. The Premium fruity parrot mix is made from 45% fruit and nut content with over 20 ingredients including banana, raisins, pineapple, papaya, chillies and pumpkin seeds. A larger parrot nut and veg mix available includes nine fruits, four nut types, three berry types and four veg types. Then there is also the old standard – monkey nuts in shells. Make your bird work for their food. And don’t forget our regular automatic delivery service. Never worry about your specific pet food being out of stock as we will keep backup stock to ship out to you as soon as your delivery date comes around.

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