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Dog Agility & Dog Training

Agility for dogs is an exciting fast paced sport that both owners and dogs will love. With our great range of dog agility and dog training equipment, you can easily set up a fantastic agility course in your back garden. Dogs can bark for a lot of reasons including when they are trying to tell you something, they are communicating with other dogs or they are expressing emotion. Dogs bark when they are hungry, sad, bored, lonely, sick, seeking attention, or want to go for a walk. If your dog is constantly barking and annoying the neighbours we also have anti-barking solutions including bark collars.

We also have a selection of dog behaviour aid products to relieve anxiety in dogs, stop them from jumping up, and alleviate travel sickness as well as a range of other conditions. Our range of dog repellent and dog deterrent products keep dogs from peeing in the house and garden.

One product from PetSafe includes radio fences to stop your dog from escaping from your housing area if you have no walls or fencing. We also stock dog tie-out cables which are suitable for people who don’t have their garden secured. These are also great if you are going away camping or touring and wish to let you dog have some freedom without the risk of them running away.

Other dog training products include Anti-Chew Spray and Kong Toys; virtually indestructible toys that can be stuffed with treats to keep dogs entertained, and dog whistles.

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