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Dog Bowls & Accessories

We have a wide range of dog bowls in stainless steel, and melamine dog bowls that are pretty and easy to clean. Raised dog bowls save your dog from bending down to drink or eat – especially good for large dogs like Great Danes – and automatic dog feeders if you’re going to be out for a while. Our travel dog bowls are perfect if you’re out for the day with your dog as they can be easily folded away for storage. Dog food accessories include our dog food bags which are handy when buying dog food in bulk and are easier to keep than the bags the food comes in as they don’t tear. You can avoid dog food and water spillage all over your floor with our novelty dog placemats and when your dog has finished eating, you can just wipe these mats off with a damp cloth instead of having to mop the whole floor. Talking of floors, our dog floor mats and runners come in brown, black and grey, and the dirt absorbing waterproof mat is very handy.

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