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Easter isn’t all about the Easter Bunny. (Well, it is, but why should other animals be left out of the fun?) Have a Hatchwells Easter with Easter eggs and goodies for pets, made from carob, which is perfectly safe for animals. Easter eggs for dogs are available as a single egg, a giant egg or a fun-sized six-pack, all made from the dog-friendly alternative to chocolate. Eggs for puppies have added calcium, and there is also a 12-pack of fun-sized chocolate shapes available. Even cats get a look-in, with Easter eggs made from yoghurt and catnip and small animals are catered for with eggs made from dandelion leaf flavoured yoghurt. Outdoor animals like horses can join in the fun too with carob and peppermint flavour eggs. So for an Easter egg hunt with a difference where your pets can join in, get your Easter goodies today from Pet-Bliss.

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