Pond Fish Food

Pet-Bliss stock pond fish food for goldfish and Koi in a variety of formats. Fish pellets and sticks provide nutrition for energy, longevity and health. The sticks are designed for prolonged floating and are suitable to all fish, keeping them in perfect condition. They have a low wattage level so require less cleaning. The 10kg bulk bags of Koi sticks and mixed sticks are full of nutrition for all sizes of goldfish and Koi, and bring out the vibrant reds and yellows in your fish. Vitamin enriched for growth, health and metabolism, the floating soft sticks are easy to digest and also help to minimise waste. Our Tetra Variety pond sticks are a mix of three different pond fish food sticks – Koi Sticks, Wheatgerm Sticks and Pond Sticks and are ideal for ponds containing a mixture of different fish. Tetra’s low waste formula for clean, clear water also contains all the nutrients, vitamins and trace elements for a balanced, healthy, but varied and interesting diet. Wheat germ pond fish food is ideal for feeding during autumn and winter. Specially formulated for cold weather feeding it strengthens and prepares fish for the spring. It softens quickly in the water for easy eating and is rich in highly digestible wheatgerm low waste formula for clean, clear water. Tetra pond sticks are the UK’s best-selling pond food. A feeding ring is the ideal product to keep all your fish food in the one spot. Simply place food inside the ring and push it out for your fish to feed. And don’t forget our regular automatic delivery service. Never worry about your specific pet food being out of stock as we will keep backup stock to ship out to you as soon as your delivery date comes around.

Tetra Pond Food Sticks 1 Litre