Reptile Food and Feeding

We sell  a selection of live crickets, locusts and different types of worms.

The best day to order live food from us is on Wednesday when we receive in our delivery.   It is important to know that we do not dispatch live food on Friday as our courier will leave this in their warehouse over the weekend and the live food will not survive in this cold.

All live food is checked on dispatch to make sure it is fresh and active.

It is important that after receiving your live food that you feed and water them to make them last longer.  This is also good for the reptile you are feeding as it improves the nutritional benefits given to them.

Please note that during the cold months the live food may arrive looking like it is dead as it has been stored in the courier warehouse overnight.  It is important for you to put the tub of them somewhere warm to liven them up

Live Reptile Food