Chinchillas originated in the mountainous regions of South America. Their natural habitat is cold, dry, and rocky where they live in burrows and crevices. They get around by jumping and climbing over the rocky terrain; and they can jump extremely high for their size too, up to six feet in fact. They are also social creatures that live in herds so they can watch out for each other and give warnings of potential danger.

‘Chins’ are among the softest pets in the world because of their super-thick coat. Their fur is so dense that common pests like fleas suffocate on them, and while it keeps them nice and warm in their native habitat, it poses a bit of a problem for those who have a chinchilla as a pet. Chins don’t sweat so the only way for them to cool down is by pumping blood into their thin ears to cool. So, if your chinchilla’s ears are red, he’s probably over-heating.

Chinchilla’s clean themselves in an unusual way. Because their thick coat needs to stay dry, they roll around in volcanic rock dust or ash that is fine enough to penetrate their dense fur. The dust absorbs oils, dirt and moisture to keep the chinchillas clean, dry and healthy.

In the wild, chinchillas eat all sorts of things like fruits, seeds, plants, and even small insects. Most domestic chinchilla’s, however, have a much more sensitive digestive system and should be kept on a strict diet of pellets and hay, along with the occasional treat.

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