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Ferrets are named after the Latin word ‘furonem’ which means ‘thief’ — and so-named because of their propensity to hoard and save food and toys in secret hiding places. They were domesticated as few as 2,500 years ago and ever since have considered humans as part of their social group. They were the favourite pets of Middle Ages royalty for their friendly nature and unique looks.

They are part of the weasel family known as mustelids, with over 65 different species of cousins which includes otters and badgers. If you closely observe a ferret you will understand how similar they are to these creatures instead of the rodents that they are usually linked with.

Ferrets are one of the most popular household pets out there, but patience is needed to get them litter trained. They come in different shades of brown with black highlights and are sleek with short fur. It’s unknown why ferrets tend to hide and hoard food and playthings. It probably began by hoarding food for the colder, leaner months, like how squirrels behave.

Ferrets are naturally smart and can be taught to perform tricks, but you will need to be patient during training. They love going into and exploring holes as they were originally bred to get rabbits out of their burrows. Descended from polecats, ferrets love to sleep, but should you neglect your ferret’s living space or litter box for several days, be prepared for the odour.

In our Ferret Section you will find a range of ferret foods and other items such as bedding, bottles and bowls, toys and treats, cages, litter trays, grooming brushes and accessories for your ferret’s environment.

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