Rabbits make popular pets and children particularly find them adorable. They are naturally seen as cute, but they can be aloof — almost cat-like in their character. Pet rabbits are usually kept in a cage or hutch, but some owners do allow them to roam free in their enclosed residence.

There are several different types of rabbit breeds. Domestic pet rabbits tend to be the European breed of rabbit and there are breeds of large rabbits, breeds of dwarf rabbits and middle-sized breeds. Particularly popular breeds are the Angora and the Rex.

When talking of pet rabbit breeds, there are two kinds to consider; breed size and breed grooming requirements. Rabbit breed sizes include giant, large, medium, small and dwarf. Typical giant breeds include the Flemish Giant, the Giant Angora and the Giant Chinchilla. The Giant Angora, for example, weighs around 10 pounds and over, while the Dwarf Hotot weighs up to two-and-a-half pounds.

Rabbits have different grooming demands depending on their coats. The longer the coat the more time you’ll have to spend grooming your pet. The Angora rabbit breed is the most difficult to take care of — Giant Angoras, for example, have very long fur and should be brushed every day. The Rex rabbit breed has also been bred for its velvety coat, and the Mini Rex breed has a plush coat, but the fur is short so is relatively easy to care for.

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