If you are looking for a pet that can entertain you, then a transgenic rat would be ideal. Despite their reputation, rats make great pets — they are easy to manage, are social and playful.

The general misconception that transgenic rats and mice are dirty animals and prefer to live in an unclean environment is false. They are very clean animals and show affection and emotions and love to play and interact with their owner. Rats are social animals, and don’t do overly well if left by themselves for long periods of time, so it is recommended that if you bring a rat home you have time to spend with it daily.

Rats are considered as intelligent rodents as their learning is very quick and they can follow instructions more efficiently as compared to other pets like cats and dogs. Unlike other small pets, rats can be trained to do basic tricks like ‘sit’ and ‘come’. They are very intelligent and will respond to their name if you spend time with them on a daily basis. They can be trained to use a litter box very easily too.

Rats eat a variety of foods, but a balanced diet is beneficial for them. A diet full of protein can be unhealthy for a rat but don’t cut out all protein. Also, chocolate should be avoided because they lack the digestive system to break it down.

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